Qatar Opens Temporary Village For Football Fans

Football enthusiasts who have flown to Qatar to immerse themselves in the World Cup action can stay in pop-up accommodation, after it unveiled metal cabins purposefully built for the event. 

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 kicked off on November 20th, and more than 1.5 million fans of the sport are expected to be in the state to watch the games. 

Therefore, Qatar needed significantly more accommodation options to deal with this influx of tourists, which is why it has developed the Fan Village Cabins Free Zone, located just outside of the capital, Doha. 

The metal buildings consist of a small bedroom with en suite and are situated in between two main roads. 

Oliver Harvey told The Sun he is spending £175 a night to stay in one of these cabins, which only has a desk-style fan to cool it down after a day of baking in the sunshine. 

Although there is air conditioning, Mr Harvey said it was not connected, and the temperature in the room was almost 38C as a result. 

The rest of the village comprises of rows of other metal cabins and a big screen for fans to watch the matches on. However, there is little shade available to protect fans against the scorching sun.

“It [was] really stifling. We are going to be ‘oven ready’ England fans after a night in here,” he revealed. 

Qatar is reported to have spent $220 billion (£185 billion) hosting the World Cup, including building this temporary village. 

A lot of this will have gone on getting sheet metal fabricators to ensure the infrastructure is in place to cope with its huge number of visitors during the tournament, which totals more than half of its entire population.

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