3 Most Popular Uses Of Welding

Welding is the process of joining different pieces of metal together, and requires a lot of skill and training to be able to do it properly, and safely. Read on to find out the three most popular uses of welding services in Nottingham.


  • Gates and fences

Gates often have very intricately detailed designs and involve lots of metal pieces welded together to make a solid and sturdy structure that can be closed to protect the premises. The majority of the time, gates are made from wrought iron so they are strong and hard to force, and as well as being effective at keeping out intruders, they tend to look pretty and ornamental.

A huge number of homeowners have gates on their driveway, while they are also regularly used on business parks and around office blocks to secure the site.


  • Small kitchen appliances

How many times do you use the kettle every day? According to the UK Tea & Infusions Association, we consume 100 million brews every day in Britain, so when you next make a cup of tea, take a look at the metal fixtures of your small appliance.

You’ll notice there will be plenty, and they are all joined together by welding. The same goes for other electronic gadgets in your kitchen, from toasters to microwaves, demonstrating how much we rely on welding skills for our everyday items, even if we are not aware of it.


  • Cars

Most people rely on their cars these days, with 80 per cent of British adults holding a driving licence. When it comes to manufacturing these vehicles, a lot of welding is required to ensure the sheets of metal that make up the car are held together securely. Not only does the carcass of the motor require welding, but also the tiny fixtures and fittings that go into making smart cars that we have come to use these days.

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